Pull-Out Dish Drying Rack

By Josh

Everyone here at our house HATES using a dishwasher! Well…. I do, anyway, and that pretty much means the same thing. lol I think they’re only used because they free your time up (which is awesome, but eh), but cost wise and cleanliness, they’re virtually the same. Anyway, our dishwasher went out and I didn’t want to just stick another one in, so instead I replaced it with some pull out drying racks that still used the original racks from the former dishwasher. It’s not for everyone, but it’s still a great alternative while still making full use of the space.

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Raised Garden Beds

By Josh

Hey there! So today I thought I’d share how I made our garden beds. I don’t have a pic to go along with every step, unfortunately, but it’s a pretty straight-forward set-up. And I think it came out pretty good. Most of it was already owned or I found it for free. I’m still planning to add another layer to make it taller/ less of a strain on our backs as well as add a removable hoop greenhouse over the top of it. Big ideas, but we’ll see how it goes! Still works out just great as it is!

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Re-Finishing my Counter-Top

By Josh

The kitchen island in this house is so very under-rated at times. I literally use it everyday as a prep surface for meals and also as a table for any projects I have that need a smaller work surface. This counter-top in particular is actually quite unique in that it was made using the original 100+ year old kitchen floor boards from the full kitchen remodel I did in here a few years ago. Now, the counter-top itself doesn’t look too bad in the photos, but really, it has it’s shares of blemishes. A few extra dings and nicks in it from the last 6 months. All to be expected, of course, but it’s still that time of year again when it needs re-finished to help keep it protected and looking good for years to come.

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Skateboard Tree Swing

By Josh

Beautiful day out, today. Sun is out, no wind, up into the 60’s for a change. Hhhhhhhhh Such a nice day, Bruiser and I decided to walk around out back for a lil while. As we were exploring the wilderness (our fenced in back-yard), we noticed the standing tree-swing from last year was still out of commission. So, we decided that that would be our project for the day.

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HVAC Filters

By Josh

It’s that time again! To change out your HVAC filters, of course! What else could I have possibly been talking about?? lol But yea, go check your  filter if you haven’t in a while. It’s something that doesn’t take a whole lot of effort, but will keep the air you breathe inside your home cleaner and keep those furnaces and AC’s running a lil longer.

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