How to prepare for your Adoption Home Study

By Trish

We just recently had DCF come by to conduct our adoption home study.  I’d think by now they’d have renamed it to something more fitting, like “The last 45,682 questions you’ll ever want to answer to a stranger” or “Adoption Questionnaire, haha” or even “Are you who you say you were or are you now what you used to be?” But we made it through, so I’m sure you’ll be just fine as well. But like most things, it really does help having an idea of it before going through with it, yourself. So here’s what ours looked like:

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10 Things We’ve Lost Since Becoming Foster Parents

By Trish

When we first decided to become foster parents, I’m not sure we knew what we were getting into. We thought we’d just give a couple of kids a safe place to land til their storm blew over. But fostering is much more than that. We have given of ourselves so much that we have nearly lost ourselves. Here is a list of things we have lost since becoming foster parents: Continue reading “10 Things We’ve Lost Since Becoming Foster Parents”

Healthy Relationships

Keeping our foster license active is like most any other license. It requires a certain number of continued-education credits a year. One of the classes Josh and I took this year was called Healthy Relationships, developed by the Children’s Alliance of Kansas. We all know WHY we need to talk to our kids and teens about building healthy relationships with friends and partners, but this class taught us HOW.

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Must Have items for Foster Care

By Trish

When Josh and I started talking about becoming foster care we honestly had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. I am so thankful for my Amazon Prime membership, I can’t imagine what life would be like without it. Any item I need I can get in 2 days without having to leave the house. Leaving the house with a brand new foster child is extremely difficult. It’s good to keep their world small by keeping them at home for as long as possible so they can get used to their new life. Since taking them out increases their anxiety, we rely heavily on Amazon for those products that you don’t know you need before you need it. Here is our list of items we ended up needing for our kiddos.

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