About us

Our family:

wood shavings

I (Josh) am a stay at home dad for our 4 children, none of which are biologically mine – but I love them and care for them just the same. I am constantly working on something around the house or grocery shopping or laundry or dishes or vacuuming or budgeting or blah blah blah.  In the rare moments when I’m not cleaning spit-up or wiping baby…… EVERYTHING,  I can usually be found out in my shop building something or just standing out there listening to all of the “no kids screaming in my ear” noise out there.


Trish is a full-time 911 dispatcher. While I do most of the physical labor around here, she is the financial and emotional support for the household. She enjoys gardening, cake decorating (used to even teach a class on it), crafting (makes our Halloween costumes every year), and most of all, loving on all our kiddos. Our two oldest boys are hers from a previous marriage. We successfully co-parent with their dad and his wife. And she ‘n I  are also foster parents to our two youngest children.

The Boys:

We went with nicknames for the kids as we’re just starting this out and not sure about how this may affect them, better safe than sorry for now. Their safety and privacy is a high priority for us.

Lego is 13 years old. He’s super frustrating, but what kid isn’t some times.  He has a slew of 3 letter diagnoses, as well as an auto-immune disorder. He has had an IEP for “emotional disturbancegears” since age 8. Despite all that, he is an amazingly sweet young man. He is constantly trying to figure out how things work. If some technology isn’t working in our house he’s the first one trying to take it apart and “fix” it (and he’s usually the one who broke it, lol).

Cookies is 11 years old. He plays “kid pitch” baseball and flag footbcartoon football guyall but will soon be moving to tackle. We all look forward to watching him play. He plays the Bass in his school orchestra and next year he has decided to also play the trumpet. He has definitely been stuck with being the “middle child”. He’s smart in school and excels in math. Fun, funny, well-mannered, and trustworthy.  Both boys enjoy video games, board games, and believe it or not, reading!!

The Littles:

Dizzy is 4 years old. She’s adorable and hyper-active.tornado She is so curious and always ready to play. She does gymnastics and has started tball this summer. Just like our boys, she already has love for reading! I mean, unless it’s a book she has memorized from bed-time, she just kind of guesses from the pictures. I like her. She’s a keeper…… lol. And as such, we’re in the process of adopting her.

director seatBruiser is under 1. This chubby lil dude is  the newest addition to our life and definitely the loudest. Also the source for many of my frustrations as he thinks he’s the new director around here! But after his diaper is changed, clean clothes, and a bottle, he’s not too bad, lol. Depending on how things go, we may be adopting him as well.

It really stinks that because the “Littles” are still in the Foster-Care program, we can’t post their pics on here (or anywhere online) without their faces covered/distorted. I guess you’ll just have to take our word for it that they’re pretty cute IRL!